Strategic Planning

In 2019 we launched our five year strategic plan 鈥 a roadmap for learning and engagement that is grounded in the collective wisdom of our students, staff, parents and community.

The plan is built around four key directions: our commitment to transform student learning, build meaningful relationships, ensure full participation in learning and lead into the future. It鈥檚 a plan that affects and reflects all the work we do, from looking at what happens inside our classrooms to outlining the ways we reach into community to be better partners, allies and supports to the people we live, play and work alongside.  

Welcome to Our Learning Journey!

Our learning journey: Strategic Plan for 2019-2024

Key commitments and results by department

Every department contributes to the short and long-term goals we鈥檙e trying to achieve. And, by working together, we鈥檙e improving learning now and into the future, making New Westminster a growth District not just in numbers but also in desire to work here, and building out new opportunities for students, staff and the community to connect with us. We invite you to learn more about how every department is working hard to help achieve that.

Strategy driving Aboriginal Education

Our Aboriginal Education Program is designed to support the academic and social success of all Indigenous students in New Westminster. It鈥檚 one of the many ways we鈥檙e committed to supporting student success. And we鈥檙e proud to have signed the first urban (off reserve) Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement in the province.

We鈥檙e committed to doing more to support the academic, social and cultural achievement of our Indigenous students, and have outlined some of that work in our 2018-2023 Enhancement Agreement (available by clicking on the red banner to learn more).