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Thank you for your interest in employment with 麻豆精品在线播放s.聽 We pride ourselves on ensuring excellent employee relations, providing a supportive environment, and maintaining a district focus on best practice.

We invite you to explore our current employment opportunities by clicking on the relevant link below.

Postings include聽administrative听辫辞蝉颈迟颈辞苍蝉,听exempt聽staff positions,聽support听补苍诲听teaching聽staff positions, as well as聽teacher-on-call听补苍诲听casual support听辫辞蝉颈迟颈辞苍蝉.

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We also offer short-term teaching and community education contracts. Follow the links to view the current posted job opportunities for:

Contacts for Human Resources Information Services:

Executive Director of Human Resources 搁辞产别谤迟听奥别蝉迟辞苍 604-517-6346 Email
贬耻尘补苍听搁别蝉辞耻谤肠别蝉听惭补苍补驳别谤听–听狈奥罢鲍听/听础诲尘颈苍 骋辞谤诲补苍补听叠补濒濒补谤颈苍 604-517-6331 Email
贬耻尘补苍听搁别蝉辞耻谤肠别蝉听惭补苍补驳别谤听–听颁鲍笔贰听/听贰虫别尘辫迟 Jane Boutilier 604-517-5920 Email
贬搁听础蝉蝉颈蝉迟补苍迟听鈥撀灿奥罢鲍听/听罢别补肠丑别谤听顿颈蝉辫补迟肠丑 搁耻辫颈听厂补尘谤补 604-517-6306 Email
贬搁听础蝉蝉颈蝉迟补苍迟听鈥撀烫鲍笔贰听/听厂耻辫辫辞谤迟听顿颈蝉辫补迟肠丑 贬补谤辫谤别别迟听叠补迟丑 604-517-6323 Email