2024-2025 school year budget

We’re currently working on our 2024-2025 budget proposals for the Board of Education’s consideration and approval. The process involves reviewing our priority assessments (based on our five-year strategic plan) and current and future needs with input from interested parties.

The budget survey is now closed. Thank you for taking the time to share your input with us.

Your feedback, combined with district staff work, will help inform the superintendent鈥檚 recommendations to the Board of Education on the approval of the 2024-25 budget for the upcoming school year.

We invite you to join us Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30 p.m. at our Operations, Policy & Planning meeting to learn more.

What does a typical year and budget look like?

*Above numbers based on previous averages, calculated March 2022


2024-2025 budget key dates and timelines

December to March District and Board planning and preparation.
Apr 16-26 Survey and budget consultation with students, parents, staff, and community.
April 12 Student symposium.
April 23, April 25 Meetings with key interested parties (indigenous education committee, unions, parent groups, students).
April 30 Open board meeting – including presenting feedback from surveys and interested parties.
May 14 Superintendent’s recommendations presented to the Board and complete first and second reading of budget bylaw.
May 28 Third and final reading of the budget bylaw.
June 30 Ministry submission deadline for final budget.


About the district budget

Building school budgets is about setting priorities around how to achieve goals that help support students, staff, and our community.

Consulting with our community and various interested parties helped us create our five-year strategic plan. Thanks to that work, we’re taking the next step from collecting and understanding priorities to making sure we have the resources to act on them in a meaningful way.

Because needs and priorities evolve over time, we will occasionally need to make budget adjustments based on factors like:

  • Changes to student enrolment and funding provided from the provincial government.
  • Changes to staffing or school enrolment needs.
  • Shifting departmental priorities, which align to the strategic plan.
  • Key priorities or targeted projects for the current year.


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