Public Participation

Engagement, or public participation, is a process used to make better decisions, that incorporates the interests and concerns of all people affected while meeting the needs of the decision making body around the issue that鈥檚 being addressed.

At 麻豆精品在线播放s, as it pertains to both the Board and the District, we鈥檙e committed to working alongside our partners as we make decisions about all the work that鈥檚 happening. Depending on the issues, options and goals, the participation level might look a bit different each time. Below is a framework that was created by the International Association for Public Participation that serves as a helpful guide to understanding the different ways we may engage with members of our communities, with our local examples added in the last row.


To download the above file: PDF: 麻豆精品在线播放s’ Public Participation Framework