At 麻豆精品在线播放s we’re proud to be a leading district when it comes to supporting and offering innovative child care solutions to support families in our community. We do that through a combination of district run programs, and alongside our community partners who we lease and licence our space to.

Our first major pilot for district-managed child care is the Seamless Day Program at Qayqayt Elementary. For more information on that, please read below.

When it comes to community partners, we have centres hosted at a number of our sites, that support a range of 0-5 options, as well as before-and-after school care programs. More information on those programs is available here: /programs-services/child-care-in-our-schools/child-care-partnerships-in-our-schools/

Learning Stories

BC Early Learning Framework presents the principles, vision, and pedagogy relevant to working with children (and their families) from birth to Grade 3. Concepts in the framework are interwoven with the B.C. Curriculum to inspire both early childhood educators and teachers working with children in Kindergarten to Grade 3. The framework envisions learning and being as a holistic process that happens as children and adults come together in relationship with each other, ideas, materials, places, and histories.

In the Framework, learning stories are known as pedagogical narrations. A pedagogical narration is a tool for meaning making, for understanding how children form theories about the world, but more than anything is a process for thinking about practice and understandings of knowledge, education, and learning.

Learning stories support an image of a competent child and allow us to examine our environments and curriculum. Within the contexts of their individual and cultural identities, children are thinkers, doers, and players who are curious, creative, explorative, thoughtful, and self-confident. Each child will be valued for his or her gifts. Learning and education is envisioned as a continuum as children transition between early years programs, schools, and other services. The BC early Learning Framework has adopted the term 鈥渓iving inquiry鈥 (formerly 鈥渁reas of learning鈥) to describe the thinking and learning that happens as children, educators, materials, and ideas interconnect. The term 鈥渓iving鈥 suggests that these processes are ongoing and always evolving. 鈥淚nquire鈥 means to pay attention in multiple ways; to study, explore, and ask questions.

Learning story examples:

Clay A learning story in Spring