Qayqayt Seamless Day Program

Qayqayt Seamless Day Program is an exciting new pilot project that has expanded this year to allow us to provide 24 childcare spaces, primarily for Kindergarten and Grade One students.

This program helps ensure that there鈥檚 a smoother transition for kids throughout their day, by having the morning Early Childhood Educators stay to help support kindergarten classrooms until lunch, with the afternoon staff stepping in to help then and stay on through the end of the child care day. This helps supports students more smoothly through the day, while supporting the classroom teacher and their students, with an extra set of hands to help set up and support activities.

Qayqayt Seamless day is open Monday to Friday, following the school calendar.
Before School hours: 7:00 am to 8: 50 am
After school hours: 3: 00 pm to 6: 00 pm.
Qayqayt Seamless Day will be closed: all statutory holidays and other Winter, Spring and Summer breaks in the 麻豆精品在线播放s calendar, including for all non- instruction days.

The overall goal of our approach is to foster a 鈥榣ove of learning鈥 in each child.聽 We are passionate about providing children with a stable, enriching, and loving environment.聽 This is accomplished by emphasizing all the areas of a child鈥檚 development (emotional, physical, intellectual, creative, social and practical life skills 鈥 the 鈥榳hole child鈥 approach).聽 Our staff understand children鈥檚 natural desire to learn and explore at a very young age.聽 We strive to enhance this curiosity while encouraging the children to develop a strong sense of identity as an individual and as valuable and contributing members of a community.

Our program is aligned with the and supports kids鈥 continued growth through play-based learning and activities in those vital before and after school hours.

At Qayqayt Seamless Day, we also work in collaboration with WCAS to support our families, as we work collaboratively to transition students into the WCAS on site before-and-after school care program for children in grade 2 and older, as space is available.


  • Students in kindergarten: $200 per month (the Child Care Fee Reduction initiative reduces the fee by $263.50).
  • Students in Grade 1: $348.50 per month (the Child Care Fee Reduction initiative reduces the fee by $115).

Fees are due on the first of each month and will be collected through School Cash Online.
Fees remain the same each month (September through June), regardless of the number of days children attend each month.
A tax receipt for child care will be issued after the end of the calendar year, by no later than the end of February.

Please note: some families or single parents that make a household income of $111,000 or less may also qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit:

This program is currently full, but parents can add their child to the waitlist by using the form below. If a space opens in the program, it will be offered to families based on our a first come-first serve basis. In that case, our team will reach out with next steps.