Neighbourhood Learning Centre

麻豆精品在线播放s has been proud to take advantage of funding available through the BC Government鈥檚 Neighbourhood Learning Centres (NLC) program, to build on our District’s ability to create additional spaces to support families and our community in new ways.

What happens at an NLC?

At Qayqayt Elementary the NLC space is being use for a wide range of community support for younger children: it is used regularly to offer before and after school care, and through the daytime hours our community partners can book the space to offer free programs for kids in the 0-5 age range and their families.

At Fraser River Middle School it has allowed us to work with one of our community partners to offer infant, toddler and day care offerings for kids 3-5 … increasing child care spaces for kids and supporting more parents in out community.

With upcoming NLC spaces opening at both the new New Westminster Secondary School that will centre around welcoming and wellness, and more child care opportunities being built into the new Skwo:wech Elementary, we’re continuing to build new relationships and ensure all kids and families have the support they need to fully participate in learning.

Are you a community partner interested in learning more about the Qayqayt Early Years Centre?聽

Rick Bloudell