We’re exceptionally proud to have opened this innovative new centre in our new high school.

The Welcome Centre serves as a hub to all of New Westminster, with knowledgeable community connectors ready to welcome and support students, families and the whole community. Whether you’re new to the city or the country, you will find valuable information and supports in the Welcome Centre.

Some of the services and community members you will find there include:聽

  • Our Central Registration team: Enrolling new families who are joining our school District, and connecting them with supports they may need.
  • The Community Navigator: In partnership with The City of New Westminster, the Community Navigator can help connect people to local services providers, programs and events happening around our city.
  • Settlement Services: In-house we have MOSAIC ready to provide services and support to newcomers in our community. Other settlement service agencies also use the space to provide workshops and meetings.
  • Qayqayt First Nation: We are proud to host space for the Qayqayt First Nation within the Welcome Centre, and look forward to opportunities this will create as we continue to learn and strengthen our connections in community.
  • A multipurpose room that’s perfect for workshops, meetings, training and other programs, that will be available to community partners for a wide range of uses.

Events and workshops

Throughout the year we work to organize community centred events and activities … from opportunities to connect with others in the community to workshops to support the services organized out of the Welcome Centre.


welcome centre calendar only August 2024

Download August calendar here: Welcome Centre –聽 August Calendar


Past Events


Connect with us

The Welcome Centre is聽 typically open from 8:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday, with the Community Navigator available to talk to you about what’s happening around New Westminster.

The Central Registration team may work different hours, with possible closures through the summer break, winter break and spring break. Please check the Registration Page to see if there are closures that may affect when we can support you.

Other services and organizations within the Welcome Centre are available by appointment, or as scheduled, only.聽聽

The Welcome Centre is located within New Westminster Secondary School at:
820 Sixth Street, New Westminster
Entrance to the Welcome Centre is via the exterior of the school only, located on the South side of the building.

Have questions? You can get a hold of us at: