District-wide Support

The 麻豆精品在线播放 District provides schools with a wide range of district staff and professionals committed to working with school-based staff to ensure that their students’ diverse learning needs are met. Access to these supports is through School Based Team. School Based Team meets on a regular basis in all schools.

District Behaviour Support & Intervention Teachers

  • These specialists support School Based Teams working with students K鈥12 who present with on鈥恎oing and significant behavioural challenges, social-emotional difficulties, mental health concerns and safety issues. These students typically do not respond to general in class or in school adaptations for behaviour management.

District Literacy Facilitator

  • The District Literacy Facilitator provides direct service to students requiring intensive literacy interventions and provides in-service and consultative support to teachers in the area of literacy.

District School Psychologists

  • These specialists hold graduate degrees in psychology and support students, school personnel and parents in enhancing academic, adaptive and social skills through identification, assessment, planning, implementation, reporting and evaluation.

District Resource Teacher – Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • This specialist teacher provides support service for students in kindergarten to grade 12 whose educational and social emotional development is significantly impacted by their hearing loss.

District Resource Teacher – Visually Impaired

  • This specialist teacher supports students who have significant visual impairments in grades K 鈥 12.

District Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs)

  • SLPs support students whose education and/or social/emotional development is adversely affected by communication difficulties.

Occupational Therapist (contracted from Simon Fraser Society for Community Living 鈥 SHARE)

  • The OT provides services to students with orthopedic, neurological, muscular, spinal, joint or sensory dysfunction as well as those with cognitive and complex neuro鈥恇ehavioural conditions.

Physiotherapist (contracted from Simon Fraser Society for Community Living 鈥揝HARE)

  • The PT offers services to students with orthopedic, neurological, muscular, spinal, joint or sensory dysfunction.