Through our Provincial Online Learning School (POLS), our district is proudly offering a few programs to support learners who are looking for options:

  1. Our Home Learners Program (HLP) supports kids in kindergarten through grade 8, and
  2. New West Online Learning, offering online learning options for students (including adults) who are working on courses at the grade 9 to 12 level

Both programs offer support to students and parents in very different ways. But both also centre around having certified BC teachers leading and guiding lessons and curriculum that keep students learning and engaged in their educational journeys.

Home Learners Program

The Home Learners Program (HLP) is a teacher-led distributed learning program that provides options for families who prefer to have their students educated in the home, with some in-person opportunities worked in. This program provides choice and flexibility for children and parents to partner with the public education system in designing learning experiences that are unique to each family.

If you are interested in learning more about our Home Learners Program, we encourage you to read more on the HLP website:聽 , or contact staff at 604-517-5980.

The HLP Program is run out of the Hume Park Learning Centre: 521 Fader Street, New Westminster, V3L 3T4

New West Online Learning

麻豆精品在线播放s is proud to offer a variety of Online Learning programs that also use the provincially prescribed curriculum. These meet the diverse needs for learners of all age levels and inspire success for every student. In today鈥檚 global conditions these programs provide new options to ensure students are able to live successfully in an ever-changing environment.

If you would like to begin, continue, or re-start your education, you can find opportunities at 麻豆精品在线播放s to:

  • Complete your secondary school graduation
  • Upgrade for entry into post-secondary education
  • Build your English, Math, Science, Social Science & Information Technology skills through Adult Foundations
  • Choose from options for learning in scheduled classes, self-paced courses and online learning.

Students who are attending New Westminster Secondary School, who would like to take one or more course through Online Learning should make arrangements to enrol with us via an NWSS school counsellor.

For more information about our program, we encourage you to read more on the website, or over the phone at 604-517-6191.