The Wellness Centre – located at NWSS – offers students, staff and the community a breadth of resources and support. That may include offerings like workshops, counselling access or brochures and tools to help address mental and physical health issues.

We’ve curated a collection here of tips, resources and links to past sessions offered. We hope you find the content here helpful!

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Past workshops and presentations

Youth and substances information and resources:

Anxiety resources – children and youth:

You and Your Youth – In this three part series, Dr. Saira looks at how parents can better support their teenagers:

  1. Is this normal? An exploration of the teenage brain.
  2. Am I invisible? Keeping your teen connected to the family.
  3. Strategies to Support Your Ambitious Teenager

Resources that may help

We know there’s a wide range of topics you may feel like you need more support on. We encourage you to come and connect with our team at the Wellness Centre, or with a counsellor at your school. But to help give you a few places to start, we wanted to share some resources and tips to support your journey on the topics we hear students and parents asking for most.

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